Giveaway Time ×3!!

Reaching 300 subscribers on YouTube may not seem like a lot, but it means a lot to me. Since I appreciate it sooo much and I LOVE to give I will be giving away not 1, but 3 giveaways!!

Giveaway #1

*Black Chalkboard Jar

*Hair Pik

*Wide Tooth Comb

*Large Hair Ties

*Small Hair Ties

*6pc Hair Clips

*Bobby Pins


Giveaway #2

*Pink Chalkboard Jar

*2 Sets of Perm Rods

*2 Packs of Aphogee 2-Step Protein Treatment

*Bobby Pins

*Hair Scissors


Giveaway #3

*SeaFoam Green Chalkboard Jar

*Turbie Twist Hair Towel

*Shine & Jam Gel

*White Shea Butter


Giveaway Rules

•Must be a subscriber on YouTube

•Follow me on IG @natural_cee

•Like the video

•Comment on my channel which giveaway you would like #1, #2 or #3

•Giveaway is open to everyone!

Giveaway ends May 12th at midnight and the 3 winners will be announced on May 14th.


**This is not a sponsored video, all products were purchased by me for the purpose of this giveaway. 

For full video click the link.


The Stylist Ruined My Hair!!

Hey naturals, quick story.. At the beginning of March I had my hair straightened for my birthday (March 2nd) against my better judgement. I kept my hair straight for about a week before washing it out because I was missing my curls. When I went to wash my hair, at least 40% of my curls were damaged and would not come back! If you would like to see the full story and pics go to

Now I am back at the transitioning phase to get my hair back where it was and I’ve learned from my mistake. Its sad I have to start from the beginning again, but I’m revising my plan and praying for better results. Make sure you subscribe so you can come along on my new journey, I don’t mind the company!

Long Time no Write

If it wasn’t for my notifications I would not remember I have a blog on WordPress. It’s been 5 MONTHS naturals since I last posted, 5 MONTHS. I say this all the time, but I have been busy lol. It’s not an excuse, it’s my life and don’t get me wrong I love everything I’m doing or trying to do but I need to find balance. My time can get wrapped into 1 thing or even 2 and forget the rest.

Welp on another note, my hair has reached a setback after gaining sooooo much progress. My birthday was March 2nd and a lady who straightened my hair gave me SEVERE heat damage. Since I’ve cut so much of my hair already, I decided to grow it out before I cut it. Check me out on to see my progress, styless, and setback and subscribe if you like to see more. Strangely, after deep conditioning during every wash, my hair that had no curl is beginning to wave so I’m going to keep deep conditioning and protein treatments to help my hair during this season of setback.

Hair update (with pictures)

Hey Naturals! I wanted to give a hair update to show some of the progress with my hair. I currently still wear my hair in 2 jumbo flat twists during the week, only for less manipulation. I have also been using pure olive oil and it has gotten my hair soon much thicker that it’s difficult to jumbo twist. In the pictures below, my hair of course has shrunken and its a little difficult to get a pic to show my thickness but here are my updates.


Thanks for viewing, be blessed and stay natural!!

Thank You A Thousand Times

Hey Naturals, a few months ago I was having a meltdown about my hair, ready to give up, cut it off, and really didn’t know what to do. I want to give a HUUUUGE shout out to @isleofazure for encouraging me and writing positive words on my posts. Update on my hair, I am currently still working on growing out my hair but it has come a looong way in thickness, length, and my curly texture. It has all improved a great deal since the meltdown and I’m learning and implementing new ways to care for my hair.



Hey Naturals, it’s been soooooo long since I last spoke with you guys and soooooo much has been going on like usual. Those that don’t know, I am also a dancer (Not a stripper lol) so a great deal of my time has been focused on that. Well on to the title, YouTube! I have been adding more videos to my channel found here  and below is a glimpse of the type of videos I’ve added. If you haven’t already, please view, like, comment, or subscribe to see more.

Also when I reach 50 subscribers, I will begin doing game time giveaways where I will give a question or riddle (relating to myself or natural hair) and giving items away from places such as bath and body works, forever21, fashion nova, etc. to the person who gives the correct answer. Hope to see you on my channel!!

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My Hair is Getting Thicker!

Hey naturals, so I decided to do my typical cornrown flat twists in 2 big sections and for the 1st time I realized I couldn’t. I couldn’t grip my hair and every time I tried, retried, and tried again, my hair would come out partially twisted and look dumb. Although it was frustrating it was also an exciting moment for me since I have been striving to achieve this for some time. Now when I do that style I have to flat twists the sides back, then combine it into a larger cornrowed flat twist which is shown in the pic below.


Due to the humidity this style didn’t hold up as fresh as it was that morning but I kept it for about 3 days before changing it. This style usually allows me to “get up and go” without having to do much to my hair and I love that because doing my hair is the longest part of me getting ready if it’s not in advance. I’m not sure what I did to achieve a little more thickness,but feel free to comment your tips and/or routine to achieve your thickness. I’m never too far in my hair journey to receive more tips!

~Be Blessed, stay natural